Hotels Syria

Hotels Syria

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The Syrian conflict has raged since 2011 and is still ongoing. Hotels in Syria are the subject of many camera crews and journalists. The European Union and the United Nations have warned travelers about the dangers of traveling to Syria, and if you have any plans to visit Syria, it’s very important to research the latest travel advisories and safety measures.

Al-Fawaris, Damascus

Hotels Syria are in high demand during the annual Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca. Damascus is a good option for any traveler planning to visit during this time as the town is well-connected to Mecca and has many luxurious accommodations. Most of the hotels are located in the Old City of Damascus, making it easy to explore the historic sites and sample the delicious food of Syria.

Al-Muqawama, Aleppo

Located in the historical Citadel area in Aleppo, the oldest hotel in Syria was opened by the French in 1836. It offers luxurious rooms and suites, a grand ballroom with crystal chandeliers, and a café. The building is also home to the Aleppo Museum, which has a collection of artifacts and artworks from Syria’s past.

Al-Hamidiyah, Hama

Syria has plenty of options for hotels. While Damascus is known for hosting luxurious 5-star resorts, there are many smaller and more charming places to stay. Hotels in Syria tend to be family-friendly and many offer swimming pools. The area around Damascus has plenty of smaller, family-friendly boutique hotels, while Hama is home to several large and luxurious hotels.

Al-Madinat, Tartus

The best way to comfortably book your hotel in Tartus is to use The website has a huge variety of accommodations available in all of Syria and is able to accommodate any budget. also allows you to book a room for your journey as well as your entire stay, giving you plenty of time to plan for your trip.

Al-Aramco, Raqqa

Al-Aramco has invested heavily in Syria. The company operates a number of luxurious hotels in Damascus, Homs, Aleppo, and other cities. These properties are often centers for official meetings. Al-Aramco also operates several five-star hotels in Saudi Arabia, which are often used for official meetings as well.

Al-Qusour, Homs

One of the best ways to travel to Syria is to book a room in Homs. You can book a hotel room in Homs online and enjoy your trip to Syria. Hotels in Homs are fully equipped with all the facilities you need to enjoy your stay. The hotels in Homs are well-cared for and have all the amenities that make a guest feel comfortable. The rooms feature modern interiors and are air-conditioned.

Al-Qardabiya, Deir ez-Zor

Syria is a country full of ancient sites and historical locations that attract millions of visitors every year. The country also has a huge number of hotels, some of which are located in the capital Damascus and other major cities. The hotels vary in terms of location, size and services they provide. If you are planning to travel to Syria, you can choose a hotel depending on your budget and the kind of facilities you want.


Hotels in Syria are owned by the government and are not allowed to sell rooms to foreigners without a special license. Hotels are usually located in the historical centers of cities and contain all the amenities you might need for an extended stay. They are categorized into 3 categories: five-star hotels, three-star hotels, and two-star hotels.

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